How To Download Your Favorite Songs From SoundCloud

How To Download Songs From SoundCloud

Downloading Your Favorite Songs Is Easier Than You Imagined.

If you’re a music lover (like Me) and you frequently you probably have to resort to the use of SoundCloud, Spotify, Apple Music, Youtube or Deezer for streaming your favorite songs. You may have come across this topic “How To Download Your Favorite Songs From SoundCloud” – Which I will address shortly. 

In the era of online music streaming it is becoming increasingly difficult to find an online resource where you can easily download music completely free. While there are a plethora of Music Blogs out there, and some may even offer you free downloads, these blogs have to deal with the legality of their actions and the constant complaints coming from artists and managers about Copyright Infringement. At the end of the day, most of these websites either get shutdown or demoted – xclusivejams, audiocastle, viperial, just to name a few.

SoundCloud and most streaming services do not give you an option to download the songs hosted on their servers. However, due too the genius of – no name calling – just know they are geniuses at what they do.

If you’re wondering how to download your favorite songs from SoundCloud – It is a lot simpler than you would expect it to be.

Here Are The 5 Easy Steps to Download Music From SoundCloud

There are several online audio converters/rippers that simply convert streamed music to an Mp3 File that you can download. One of which is this SoundCloud to mp3 from The down-loader support’s most of the popular SoundCloud songs and Playlists.  Follow the steps below to download your favorite songs.

Download Mp3:  Lil Durk – A Body

1. Search for the SoundCloud Song or Playlist you would like to Download or convert to mp3

How To Download Your Favorite Songs From SoundCloud

Go to, and search for your song using the search box. (view Screenshot above)

2. Copy the link from that song or playlist

Click on any of the appropriate results from the search and copy the link from the browser.

3. Paste the song or playlist link into our converter box

Go to soundcloudmp3 , Paste the link into the box.

4. Click Download. 

5. Wait a minute or two (typically takes less than a minute) for the conversion to complete and then click on the download link that will be generated. 

Also check out these other SoundCloud Converters, the steps are the same as above.

Klickaud Converter

SC Downloader

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