The Growing Craze Of Indie Music In India

Indie Music Artists Performing Live At A Concert

MUSIC: The Color Palette Of Life

Music is the glitter of life, turning the mundane day to day dusty moments into priceless possessions. It has the power to make the world dance in its rhythm and beats. Some things never get old; rather, it gets younger day by day. I say this, because, I have seen music, waking up and stirring those hidden and long forgotten parts in me that used to be my closest comrade when I was young. Old or new, soulful or house, jazzy or classical, music has the potential to break free all the hurdles that threaten our freedom and keeps mankind on chains.

Can you feel the power of music? It’s infectious and highly contagious so go on and read ahead this entire blog if you want to get drenched in the aroma of music!

Emergence and Growth of Indie Music In India

Music is going through a dynamic change in India. The incessant burgeoning of new talent with countless music festivals being the talk of the town, people are moving past the popular Bollywood, towards a sound, that resonates with their Soul’s eccentricity. Although, in India, we have grown up seeing people hum popular Bollywood tracks but it is no longer the case today.

Independent music has brought in the desired innovation and ingenuity which is as fresh as the cool-early morning breeze and people have accepted it too. There are countless budding artists who are on an earnest journey to sweep people off their feet. They are the sensational, gradually making way in our lives and becoming the heart-throb of our Nation. Independent music or Indie music with its off-beat, fashionable and insanely appealing sound has melted innumerable hearts and has swayed people to groove in its astounding tracks.

The support from YouTube and channels like MTV Indies has given these young musicians the much needed platform to showcase their extraordinary talent. It has also helped them multiply their lovers and followers.

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Youtube Indie Music

Pepsi Mtv Indies







This fad for Indie music won’t be short lived owing to the outstanding performances and soulful music created by the artists and bands. The dubstep, Rap or EDM that Bollywood flaunts today, is the brainchild of Indie artists. Indie artists are revolutionizing Indian music through their magical creativity and unconventional ideas. The eccentric and innovative approach of mixing classical singing or Punjabi folk with electronic music is magical to the ears and their popularity and fame is spreading like a wild fire across the country.

Indie Bands And Artists In India

Bands like Begum, Nucleya, The Local Train, Sha’air +Funk, Sandunes, Dualist Inquiry, Yesterdrive, Lawntuba, Parvaaz and Prateek Kuhad are just few of the names who are a national favorite and have created a huge fan base in our country. People love them to the moon and back to Infinity and beyond. They are simply mind-blowing.

We should take inspiration from them and salute them for having the courage to go out of the mainstream and create sounds that dances with the heartbeat of the country. The credit also goes towards the open minded promoters like Artist Aloud, events like NH7 Weekender, venues like BlueFrog and online singing platforms like Songcloud and Starmaker which has provided people an amazing platform to perform and express their talent. This is really heart-warming for Indie artists as they slowly rise to the pinnacle of fame and their fondness reaches startling new heights every day.

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